Chicago Hardcore band PORCUPINE is at it again with a new Demo for 2018. Long time fans will know the first track, which has been played at live shows for well over a year now. The second track is a brand new song and might be the bands most aggressive song so far. Enjoy!


Jackson VanHorn – Desire EP

Ex TV Ghost member, Jackson VanHorn pushes the boundaries of modern day post-punk. This EP is dark and depressive but equally beautiful and bittersweet. Everything about this EP pulls at your heart and mind. The first two tracks are what you’d expect stylistically from a post-punk song but after multiple listens, all the layers are revealed making them so much more. The last two tracks have a Death in June vibe. My favorite track is dissolution but all the tracks are brilliant. Go give it a listen.

Emo/Pop Punkers, Tigers Jaw, are back at it again with a new song from their upcoming LP. If you don’t know who Tigers Jaw is, they have been around for awhile now and they have put out numerous albums and splits. Tigers Jaw somehow find the balance of fun pop punk music and depressing emo music in their songs. This new track is no exception. Guardian is what you would expect coming from Tigers Jaw, but this isn’t a negative. The song draws you in and keeps you invested. Lyrically, Tigers Jaw is at their best. “Burn a candle to my skin / Turn the handle, let me in / I cannot be your medicine anymore.” This Track should make every Tigers Jaw fan excited for the new LP.

Tigers Jaw – Guardian