Top 10 Albums of 2016

#10 Self Defense Family – Colicky 

A “mini Ep” but just too good not to put

#9 Fury – Paramount 

hardcore back to it’s roots

#8 Astronautalis – Cut the Body Lose

interesting and unique hip hop

#7 Angel Du$t – Rock the Fuck on Forever

aggressive, agro, and poppy

#6 Dangers – Bend in the Break

hits hard and right in your face

#5 Planes Mistaken For Stars – Prey

it’s planes mistaken for stars, enough said

#4 Sun Kil Moon/Jesu – ST

dreamy and poetic

#3 Creative Adult – Fear of Life

post punk at it’s best

#2 Oathbreaker – Rheia

emotionally destroying and musically beautiful

#1 Old Gray – Slow Burn

a record that shouldn’t have been made but is a masterpiece



The Saddest Landscape -Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross | Album Review


The Saddest Landscape is a band that is still carrying the torch of the 90’s Emo and Screamo bands. Unfortunately not many bands sound like that anymore in the aggressive music scene but thankfully The Saddest Landscape do the genre justice. Their album Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross, is a fantastic album that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and it does this with the superb lyrics that are descriptive and relatable and the melodic instrumentation of the guitars mixed with the heavy pounding and talented fills of the drumming. This is album is a modern classic Continue reading

I Saw Brand New!

I have to start off by saying that Brand New is my favorite band and has been for a long time. Saying this concert was magical would be an understatement. This concert was the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life and I’ve been to a lot of concerts. When Brand New took the stage you could instantly tell who was here for Brand New and who was here for Modest Mouse. The entire row in front of me was sitting down for Brand New’s set. I was fine with that because I’m a little short so now I didn’t have any problems seeing the stage. Brand New Opened with “Sink” and went straight into “Gasoline”. I have an unpopular opinion that Daisy is their best album so these songs kicking off the show was a great surprise. half way through they played “Sic Transit Gloria” followed by “I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin light” (which Jessie forgot the words to so he sang the first verse of Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So”) followed by “Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t”. Those three songs were as far as they went back in their discography. The biggest of highlight of the show was the final song “You Won’t Know” where the band thrashed around causing a roar of feedback and fuzz reminding me a lot like the artist Unorthodox. One by one the band members left the stage and the feedback slowing died down in a beautiful decrescendo.

Old Gray – Slow Burn | Album Review


The band behind the amazing album “An Autobiography” has yet again put out a fantastic record, but this time has crafted a masterpiece. Like a lot of people, I got into Old Gray through following the rabbit hole of Midwest Emo pioneered by bands such as Merchant Ships and Midwest Pen Pals, but Old Gray always stood out as the better band. The lyrics flow seamlessly, the guitars pack more of a punch, and the spoken word poetry is refreshing. Now most of the Midwest Emo bands are long gone and Old Gray managed to keep going. “Slow Burn” hits hard and emotionally wrecks everyone that listens. Continue reading