Jackson VanHorn – Desire EP

Ex TV Ghost member, Jackson VanHorn pushes the boundaries of modern day post-punk. This EP is dark and depressive but equally beautiful and bittersweet. Everything about this EP pulls at your heart and mind. The first two tracks are what you’d expect stylistically from a post-punk song but after multiple listens, all the layers are revealed making them so much more. The last two tracks have a Death in June vibe. My favorite track is dissolution but all the tracks are brilliant. Go give it a listen.


Cult Leader – “Lightless Walk”Album Review


Before you tell me in the comments, yes I realize this album came out two years ago and yes I am still going to review it. To be blunt, I slept hard on this album. I didn’t even give it a fair chance. First listen I just thought “it’s okay but I would rather listen to Trap Them.” What the hell was I thinking. This album is a masterpiece. Continue reading

The Saddest Landscape -Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross | Album Review


The Saddest Landscape is a band that is still carrying the torch of the 90’s Emo and Screamo bands. Unfortunately not many bands sound like that anymore in the aggressive music scene but thankfully The Saddest Landscape do the genre justice. Their album Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross, is a fantastic album that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and it does this with the superb lyrics that are descriptive and relatable and the melodic instrumentation of the guitars mixed with the heavy pounding and talented fills of the drumming. This is album is a modern classic Continue reading

Old Gray – Slow Burn | Album Review


The band behind the amazing album “An Autobiography” has yet again put out a fantastic record, but this time has crafted a masterpiece. Like a lot of people, I got into Old Gray through following the rabbit hole of Midwest Emo pioneered by bands such as Merchant Ships and Midwest Pen Pals, but Old Gray always stood out as the better band. The lyrics flow seamlessly, the guitars pack more of a punch, and the spoken word poetry is refreshing. Now most of the Midwest Emo bands are long gone and Old Gray managed to keep going. “Slow Burn” hits hard and emotionally wrecks everyone that listens. Continue reading

Teen Suicide – It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot | Review

a1384830743_10_jtxzm8 6/10

Teen Suicide has been one of my favorite bands since I heard DC snuff film. Fast paced lofi punk rock songs mixed with slow depressing bedroom pop songs truly made every release special and deserving of praise. When I first heard they were releasing a new album, saying that I was excited is an understatement. I instantly looked up the album art, when it was going to be released, what label was putting it out, and if it was going to be out on vinyl. Now that the album is out I’m very disappointed to say it is the worst Teen Suicide album to date.    Continue reading

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Long Live Happy Birthday | Review

147_942_72 9/10

TWIABP’s career has been based upon following in the footsteps of the emo bands from the late 80’s and early 90’s, but with each release they continue to successfully and delicately mix indie, alternative, emo, and post rock. Long Live Happy Birthday proves that the alternative subculture needs to keep a look out for this band, because someday they might become the next Sunny Day Real Estate or American Football.

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Self Defense Family – Superior | Review


Self-Defense-Family-Superior-cover   8.7/10 

Self Defense Family is a band that has been around for a long time. Taking influence from Lungfish and the Smiths, this New York hardcore band never disappoints. This EP is no exception. For being an East Coast band, Self Defense Family surprisingly captures Midwestern life with sincerity. The 4 song EP does not have a dull moment on it and the final track might be their best work of all time.

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