Cult Leader – “Lightless Walk”Album Review


Before you tell me in the comments, yes I realize this album came out two years ago and yes I am still going to review it. To be blunt, I slept hard on this album. I didn’t even give it a fair chance. First listen I just thought “it’s okay but I would rather listen to Trap Them.” What the hell was I thinking. This album is a masterpiece.

Ex GAZA members formed Cult Leader a little while after the GAZA rape accusation that I’m sure all of you know about. They put out a full length and an EP. In 2015 they put out “Lightless Walk” on Deathwish Inc. A few seconds into the opening track, the listener is bombarded with a wall of noise and violent vocals. These SLC punk rockers weren’t messing around with this release. It is dark, gritty, and nihilistic.

Tracks Like “Gutter Gods” and “Hate Offering” show off the bands grind core influence while tracks like “The Good Life” and “Lightless Walk” show that the band can be heavy and gritty without growls and blast beats. The album is not only heavy sonically but emotionally destructive.

This is a must listen for every hardcore and metalhead. Listen Below:


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