The Saddest Landscape -Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross | Album Review


The Saddest Landscape is a band that is still carrying the torch of the 90’s Emo and Screamo bands. Unfortunately not many bands sound like that anymore in the aggressive music scene but thankfully The Saddest Landscape do the genre justice. Their album Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross, is a fantastic album that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and it does this with the superb lyrics that are descriptive and relatable and the melodic instrumentation of the guitars mixed with the heavy pounding and talented fills of the drumming. This is album is a modern classic

The record starts with the song “The Fashion Magazines Have Succeeded.” This track right off the bat is aggressive, angry and blood pumping. There is no clear melody and the vocals are delivered in a sporadic and almost hyperventilating way. The lyrics don’t tell a story but more of complain about people who criticize things. The vocalist at the end shouts every one’s a critic with a message board to report it to talking expertly about things they were never there for.” The song fades out in feedback.

Song two on the album “A Statue Of A Girl (may 15th)” is song about remembering old memories of an ended relationship. Most songs written like this are usually teen angsty and seem to always cast the blame on someone but because the members of this band are full grown adults their perspective on the situation is mature and respectful and still get the point across that they are hurting from the ending of the relationship. The song opens up with a finger picked guitar and spoken word over the guitar melody. This gives the song a testimonial feel. Then the drums kicks in and the song has a quick crescendo then an explosion of energy happen with guitars layering melodies creating a fuzzy and distortion filled harmony and guttural and throat stabbing screams are on top of that in sync with the drums. Then the song slows down again and more the fingerpicking starts up again but the vocals are screaming on top of it. The song ends with the vocalist trying to mutter the words “you are only one breath away from anything you will ever need just hope that it is enough” leaving the listener distant from reality but still longing to hear the rest of the album.

The third song on the album is “Weightless is the new Black” which tells the story of a husband who wants this wife to know she’s beautiful and cared for but she turns to surgery to get her appearance altered. This song is melodic and heart wrenching and still aggressive. The stutter of the vocalist voice and how he is breaking up during the song causing him to miss words that are the written lyrics make this song more than a good song. It makes this song human, it has its flaws but those flaws are what makes it beautiful.

Song four “he died among dreams” is a song that is extremely heavy and doesn’t let up the whole song. The lyrics are great and the vocal delivery is anything but bad but the riffs get repetitive and the drum fills have been used before making this song stand out as worse than the others. The only thing that saves this song is the vocals that are so passionate that you have to at least respect the emotion behind it.

“Forty Four Suns” Is definitely a highlight on the album and the drums shine on this track. It’s fast but still in control and the fills are fresh and experimental for a good half of the song then they seamlessly transition into a medium paced interlude with the guitar and it makes you want to rock with the beat of the drums. The guitars play some very beautiful melodies and then quickly transition into heavy strumming.

The album ends with the song “The sixth golden ticket” this is another love song but still maintains the maturity of the rest of the album. But what makes this song a fantastic opener is the two minute intro that builds up with a soft melodic guitar picking and the bass also taking on the melody. The song ends with a very fulfilling conclusion with the vocalist by himself whispering “I must have played that message one thousand times just to hear your voice before i went to sleep”

The album in conclusion is a fantastic emotional album that deals with mature subjects but relatable subjects. Almost every song is amazing and should be listened to with an open mind by anyone who loves real emotion, raw sounding production, a constant flow of harshness to beauty, and anyone who has ever cared about someone and lost them.


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