Old Gray – Slow Burn | Album Review


The band behind the amazing album “An Autobiography” has yet again put out a fantastic record, but this time has crafted a masterpiece. Like a lot of people, I got into Old Gray through following the rabbit hole of Midwest Emo pioneered by bands such as Merchant Ships and Midwest Pen Pals, but Old Gray always stood out as the better band. The lyrics flow seamlessly, the guitars pack more of a punch, and the spoken word poetry is refreshing. Now most of the Midwest Emo bands are long gone and Old Gray managed to keep going. “Slow Burn” hits hard and emotionally wrecks everyone that listens.

The album starts off with the track Pulpit. Clocking in at just over one minute, this track sets the precedent that Old Gray are done with long build ups and explosive choruses, instead the format is replaced with bite size anxiety fueled chaos. Tracks one through four are extremely short but without feeling incomplete. The track everything is in your hands is the longest out of the four but is barely over two minutes. The spoken word performances are dull, which is a complement. So many bands are too melodramatic with their spoken word. The speaker feels lifeless and empty which is fitting when the lyrics recited are “Painting broad strokes of black brings blood down my head. I can’t handle anymore phone calls telling me another friend is dead”.

like blood from a stone is the most interesting track on the album. The heart wrenching monologue makes the song my personal favorite. The song walks through the story of a person who tries to commit suicide and ends up in the hospital. The descriptive nature of the lyrics bring a feeling of realism to the song.

There are a few interludes in the album played on piano that are a perfect transitions from song to song, plus they extend the run time of album by a few minutes.

The album comes to a finale with the track a letter for zach. Lyrically this track is easily the best. The honest perspective of dealing with a friend who took their own life makes it hard to listen to sometimes but wraps up the album with some form of closure for the listener. The album closes with an instrumental song that gives the listener time to reflect on the words spoken in the track before it.

Overall this album is the best thing Old Gray has ever put out, and is the best Emo album that has come out in a very long time. I am sure these guys will be touring so go check them out live. Old Gray


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