I saw Teen Suicide & mewithoutYou!

A week ago I was lucky enough to see Teen Suicide and mewithoutYou. Both were touring with Say Anything. The show was at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago and damn it was a good show. First I wanna thank the bouncers of Concord Music Hall because they were the most professional bouncers I’ve ever witnessed. The first band that performed was a band I’ve never heard called Museum Mouth. They were a great opener. Very energetic and kept the crowd on our feet. Great indie band and I recommend everyone check out their music. At one point in their very short set the drummer/vocalist, Karl, played with giant drum sticks and everyone in the crowd quickly pulled out their phones to snag a picture. After Museum Mouth played Teen Suicide took the stage. They opened their set with a few songs of the new album which were much better live than on the album. “benzo” quickly got everyone moving a singing a long. My highlight of the night was Ray singing “oh my god”. the crowd was silent but a few people singing the words back to ray and it made the song special. They played a cover of the terrible rap song “Handle Bars” which made the crowd go wild. They finished with the song “the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams”. every note was played flawlessly and the crowd was completely silent. It was one of the most emotional things to witness at a concert. mewithoutYou took the stage next and from the start of them playing “January 1979” to them ending with “Allah Allah Allah” the venue was completely focused on them and was extremely moving in the emotional sense. You could instantly tell that they are veterans when it comes to performing. Not one second was wasted at all. They played a total of 11 songs all played perfectly. “Wolf Am I!” was a crowd pleaser and as a long time fan was something that I was greatly thankful to witness. Overall the concert was amazing and I recommend everyone try and catch this tour while it lasts.


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