Highly Suspect – “Serotonia” | Review

t312859780-gThpjfxfpp5xkpoqixdedx2452qa_s400 8/10

Highly Suspect is a fairly new band. They caught everyones attention in 2015 with the release of Mister Asylum. The single “Lydia” has had a lot of radio play and two Grammy nominations have put this band in the limelight. Highly Suspect is the hard rock band that the scene has needed. Highly Suspect pays respect to blues and classic rock but add their own hard rock feel to the music. “Serotonia” just builds upon this reputation and stands as one of the best singles out so far this year.

Everything from Ryan and Rich Meyer’s bass and drumming to Johnny Stevens vocals and guitar playing, makes this song a modern hard rock anthem. The lyrics talk about moving to California from the East Coast. The lines “Now New York you know I love you
Because you made me who I am. Which is not that good of a person. I need to feel something again” show Johnny’s need to get out of the East Coast and start fresh in the West Coast. Moving to California is more of a metaphor of life changing and excepting that change. Highly suspect’s “Serotonia” is a must listen by anyone into hard rock, blues, or good song writing.


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