The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Long Live Happy Birthday | Review

147_942_72 9/10

TWIABP’s career has been based upon following in the footsteps of the emo bands from the late 80’s and early 90’s, but with each release they continue to successfully and delicately mix indie, alternative, emo, and post rock. Long Live Happy Birthday proves that the alternative subculture needs to keep a look out for this band, because someday they might become the next Sunny Day Real Estate or American Football.

The EP opens with the song “Even More Forever”. If there’s any song that composes thoughts of being alone on a rainy day, it’s this song. The slow melodic guitar picking, mixed with the ambient keyboard and violin, and the lingering vocals, cause this song to stick with the listener long after the song finishes. “Even More Forever” is lyrically abstract like most of TWIABP discography. It is easy to fall deep into the song trying to figure out what each line means.

The last track on Long Live Happy Birthday, “Katamari Duquette“, is a powerhouse of a song. Instead of a melancholic feel like most TWIABP songs, “Katamari Duquette” is cataclysmic and dismal. Minor chord chugging guitars and striking drums drive the song. The line “Away with God. Away with love. Our hands are tied and stepped on” is repeated furiously till the climax of the song; ending abruptly. 


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